Wednesday, November 2, 2016


That’s soooooooooooo coooo- wait, where’d my class go? Wheres Father Joseph? Oh no oh no oh no. They left me? Whyyyyyyy? I don’t know how to get back to school from here or back to home from here. Where even is here??!! What do I d- Oh I think I know that person. Yeah that’s Mr. Varane I think. He lives on the third floor right? Maybe he can help me!

“Uh, yes can I help you?”
“Yes, I got left here and now I don’t know how to get back home and all my friends left me and father joseph left me and i can’t find them anywh-”
“Ok Ok, you can walk with me back home. It’s Ok.”

Thank the lord, Jesus Christ.. Ok, this is good I’m going back home. Ummmmm what do I say? Do I talk to him? Ewwwwwww he smells like garlic. That’s soooo grosssss! Is that a breadstick in his pocket? Why does he have a breadstick in his pocket? What?! Hes eating it now?!? Ewwwwww!!!!

“Uh. Here, hold my hand while we cross the street. C’mon now, hurry up.”

Why is his hand so greasy?!?! He’s soo grosss! This is the worst excursion ever!!! I hope home is close. Oh there’s the apartment now! Thank God!! There’s Papa out front!!!! I wonder who he’s on the phone with. PAPA!!!!!!!!

“Oh thank God, there you are! I was just on the phone with Father Joseph. We were all so worried honey!”
“It’s Ok! He let me walk home with him!”
“That’s great.” *turns* “It’s Elliot right? Thank you so much for walking my daughter home. If there’s anything I can do just let me know.”
“Pfft, You can teach her how to pay attention and not get lost! Im sure some common sense would help both of y’all out.”
“Hey! Calm down, she’s just confused!”
“Uh huh. Well she is making me late to my Dynamics class!”
“HA well you’re late to everything else! Might as well be late to this too.”
“Ugh. I don’t need this. Good bye.”
“Yeah, you just go to your damn class.”

Wow, he is angry. I've never seen him like this!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Stranger Danger!!

Uhhhhgggghhg finally. School is sooooo far from home. Papa says walking is good for me. Papa says it’s healthy and that I need to be healt- Wooahhh there’re so many people. I wonder what they are doing. I can’t even see the elevator. I’ve never seen so many peop- uh, is that one looking at me. Is that a girl or a boy? It looks like a boy but boys don’t have long hai- wait, Father Joseph showed us a picture of Jesus Christ and he had long hair. IS HE JESUS CHRIST?!?!? Oh no no no, is he here because I did something bad?! Oh no oh no oh no no no no. No, I didn’t steal! I didn’t sin! Pleeeaasse Mr. Christ don’t punish me! I didn’t stea- Oh no he’s walking over here. OK, Stand up straight, shoulders back, head tall just like Papa taught m- wait, he’s not wearing robes, and he’s wearing boots not sandals. Jesus Christ didn’t wear jeans. He’s not Jesus Christ but why does he have long hair then? Is he a girl or a boy? Well fewwwwhh, I knew I didn’t sin against the Lor- why is girl boy still walking over here? Oh no, what do I do?! Do I- Huh? Girl boy wants to ask me questions? Why does girl boy have a school notebook? What’s a mega seen? Papa told me not to talk to strangers and papa said that I can’t talk to someone I don’t know. OK just don’t talk. Should I make eye contact? yeah, papa said making eye contact is good manners and respectful and how good behaved girls act and I am good because I didn’t sin. OK, make eye contact and don’t talk; just look in girl boy’s eyes and don’t talk. Just keep being polite. Yeah, papa gives me cookies when I’m a good behaved girl. I love cookies. I wonder if girl boy likes cookies. Who doesn’t like cooki- why does girl boy look confused? Just keep making eye contact and being polite so papa will give me cookies. Oh, he’s leaving. Wait that’s being rude. Girl boy comes to talk to me and then just leaves. I was being so polite just like papa taught me and girl boy doesn’t even say thank you or goodbye? Hmmpphh, papa would teach girl boy a lesson. Girl boy’s definitely not getting any cookies. Girl boy is not a good behaved girl like m- Oh there’s papa coming to get me. I wonder if he brought me my cookies!

Friday, September 23, 2016

When I grow up...

Wooooahhhh he’s tall. Papa said his name was Mr. Cornbuck- oops, I mean Hornbuckle. That’s a funny name. Maybe giants all have funny names. No, he’s not a giant. Papa said giants aren’t real. They are just imaginary he said. But Father Joseph read us a story about a giant from the bubble and Father Joseph says that the bubble is God’s word and Father Joseph said that God’s word is true so giants are real! Maybe I’ll be a giant when I grow up. YEAH! That sounds cool! I wanna be a giant!  Then I won’t need papa to get me the cookies from above the refrigerat- oooooo I want some cookies. Where is papa. I want my cookies. Maybe I can get them myself. I climb on the playground and this is just like that. I’ll just put my foot here and, yeah, ok now I’m on the counter. I just have to shimmy over to the refrigera - AHHHHHHH WHAT WAS THAT?!?!? WHERE DID THE LIGHTS GO?!?!? I’m sorry Lord. *crying* I just wanted some cookies!!! Please don’t make me blinded. *sniffle* *crying* PAPA?!?!