Wednesday, November 2, 2016


That’s soooooooooooo coooo- wait, where’d my class go? Wheres Father Joseph? Oh no oh no oh no. They left me? Whyyyyyyy? I don’t know how to get back to school from here or back to home from here. Where even is here??!! What do I d- Oh I think I know that person. Yeah that’s Mr. Varane I think. He lives on the third floor right? Maybe he can help me!

“Uh, yes can I help you?”
“Yes, I got left here and now I don’t know how to get back home and all my friends left me and father joseph left me and i can’t find them anywh-”
“Ok Ok, you can walk with me back home. It’s Ok.”

Thank the lord, Jesus Christ.. Ok, this is good I’m going back home. Ummmmm what do I say? Do I talk to him? Ewwwwwww he smells like garlic. That’s soooo grosssss! Is that a breadstick in his pocket? Why does he have a breadstick in his pocket? What?! Hes eating it now?!? Ewwwwww!!!!

“Uh. Here, hold my hand while we cross the street. C’mon now, hurry up.”

Why is his hand so greasy?!?! He’s soo grosss! This is the worst excursion ever!!! I hope home is close. Oh there’s the apartment now! Thank God!! There’s Papa out front!!!! I wonder who he’s on the phone with. PAPA!!!!!!!!

“Oh thank God, there you are! I was just on the phone with Father Joseph. We were all so worried honey!”
“It’s Ok! He let me walk home with him!”
“That’s great.” *turns* “It’s Elliot right? Thank you so much for walking my daughter home. If there’s anything I can do just let me know.”
“Pfft, You can teach her how to pay attention and not get lost! Im sure some common sense would help both of y’all out.”
“Hey! Calm down, she’s just confused!”
“Uh huh. Well she is making me late to my Dynamics class!”
“HA well you’re late to everything else! Might as well be late to this too.”
“Ugh. I don’t need this. Good bye.”
“Yeah, you just go to your damn class.”

Wow, he is angry. I've never seen him like this!

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  1. Elliott looked at his coworkers sitting around in the Olive Garden kitchen. Some leaned against walls and closed their eyes, others stared intently at cracks in the tile floor, and a few played with their thumbs. "This is so pointless," Elliott thought. Three days ago, the city's water shut off unexpectedly. Few citizens were working, but Elliott was signed up for a five-hour shift at Olive Garden today. It's not like they were doing anything though–all of the Olive Garden employees were forced to sit around silently waiting for nothing. It was if their boss believed the water would come on any minute and suddenly flocks of people would come through the front doors demanding their Eggplant Parmigiana and breadsticks.

    But five hours later, the faucets still ran dry, and no crowds had gathered at the entrance, so Elliott left. He knew he couldn't complain. Elliott was getting paid for five hours of work and could use the money, but he just felt so useless. He could have been studying, or cleaning, or doing anything else to get his life together, but there he was for five hours doing nothing. Elliott quickened his pace and became madder. He had so much to do, so much to learn, but his time was just being wasted. He heard a high voice call his name and groaned.